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Job Posting – Forensic Accountant

ICORP Investigations, Inc is seeking a Certified Forensic Account (CrFA) for hire. This position will assist in the development of investigative reporting and it will provide analysis of fraud.

Please fax resumes and desired salary to Steven Santarpia 631.285.7993

About ICORP Investigations Inc

ICORP Investigations Inc. is a fully licensed, insured and bonded professional New York based Private Investigation company. ICORP was founded in 2007 by licensed private investigators John L. Egan and Steven Santarpia.  ICORP specializes in  Family Law and Insurance Defense Investigations.  They’re committed to excellence and setting a high standard for the investigative industry today. ICORP’S team of investigators have over 35 years of investigative experience and are available to work throughout the entire State of New York, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offices in New York, New York and Hauppauge, Long Island. Please visit our website for more information
ICORP Investigations Website

New York Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations helps stop Fraud in Workmen’s Compensation Cases.

HOLBROOK, NY, October 10, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/New York Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations helps many small business owners and corporations fight against Workman’s Compensation Fraud, Personal Injury and Liability Claims.

According to experts, 16,000 workplace injuries happen daily in the United States and approximately, 192 million are covered under workers’ compensation.

Although it is considered illegal for an employee to falsely claim benefits from workers’ compensation, there are countless people who are never brought to justice.

How does an employer know for sure that their employees who are currently collecting workman’s compensation benefits are being truthful? Unfortunately, many employers are unable to answer that question.
Many companies hire a professional private investigation team to investigate employees who are on disability in order to determine the truth.

Statistics show that companies who hire private investigators have a higher success rating than companies who do not when it comes to catching untruthful employees in the act.

ICORP Investigations Saves Business Owners Thousands of Dollars

Companies across the country have hired private investigators to use surveillance technology such as videotape. Many surveillance videos have exposed employees involved in sports, yard work, heavy lifting and other strenuous activity.

Fraudulent insurance claims cost business owners hundreds and thousands of dollars annually. The astronomical costs of worker’s compensation have resulted in several business owners applying for bankruptcy.

The Private investigation team at ICORP Investigations has solved many cases involving workers compensation. This has saved Long Island business owners a considerable amount of money in workers’ compensation costs. ICORP keeps their clients updated 24/7 via telephone and email. This is made possible through their web-based system.

About ICORP Investigations.

The private investigation team at ICORP Investigationshas combined years of experience in surveillance and has successfully conducted surveillance on Workman’s Compensation Claims including Personal Injury and Liability Claims. Their private investigative team thoroughly verifies whether or not insurance claimants are being honest about their disabilities.

Unlike many investigative agencies that only spy on a claimant at their place of residence or at work, ICORP is completely hands-on when it comes to investigating each assignment.

ICORP Investigations has developed a reputation for being persistent with their video documentation. When business owners challenge false claims, ICORP is considered number one.

To find out further information about ICORP Investigations workman’s compensation investigation service including personal injury and liability claims long onto:

ICORP Investigations
New York Office
300 Park Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212.572.4823
Fax: 212.572.6499

Challenges Facing a New York City Private Investigator

By Steven Santarpia

Getting one investigator to work a surveillance in New York City is like rolling the dice – no matter how “good” the private investigator is, there are too many elements for something to go wrong.  More often than not, one investigator working a surveillance in Manhattan is a recipe for defeat. When a client explains that they have a limited budget. I state most clients wind up paying more money in the end when they choose to have only one private investigator work a surveillance.

First Scenario

One Investigator (on-foot)

The subject lives in an apartment building. You hang around the area waiting for the subject to leave the building. Finally, the subject leaves the apartment building, walks to the corner. You follow him on foot. He hails a cab. Now you have to hail a cab before him or he’s gone. Usually, he’s gone. So you waited all day for him to leave and in 2 seconds he’s gone.


Second Scenario

One Investigator (in-vehicle)

First you TRY to get a parking spot – that’s just the first obstacle to overcome. Most people who live in Manhattan don’t own a car and use public transportation. You observe the subject leave, you start to follow him, he then walks down a one-way street which you can’t drive down. You then have to circle the block which can take 10 minutes or longer. You circle the block and just like that – he is gone.  If you try to park your car and get on foot to follow him, you’ll never find a place to park (see First Scenario).

My job is to get our clients the information they need, in the most cost efficent way possible. Utiilzing two investigators when working a surveillance in NYC is a winning plan. It’s a stradegy which will give the client the best chance of getting the information that they need.

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