iPhone Video Timestamp App For Private Investigators

by Steven Santarpia
ICORP Investigations 

It’s finally here! An app for private investigators to take video on their IPhone with a timestamp. It’s called VideoTimeStamp made by Contraptionz. The cost is $29.99. You can record video at 640×480 or 960×640 resolution, with a time and/or date stamp burned in! IOS 5.0 required.I’ve been using the app for a month and I definitely give it my seal of approval. My private investigators at ICORP Investigations also seem to like the app. I think it works well for claims investigations. For instance, I followed a claimant into a Home Depot not too long ago. I  approached the claimant while I made like I was texting someone on my iPhone. The claimant had no idea I was filming him. That of course, is what its all about.

You can hold your iPhone vertically and horizontally  to take video, which is a great feature. When holding it vertically, you can make like you are texting someone and video the target. When holding it horizontally, you can hold the iPhone down by your side to video while walking. Another great feature the VideoTimeStamp app has is you can tap the iPhone screen twice to make the screen go dark. Thus, your iPhone looks like its inactive. For domestic investigations like a cheating spouse case, this app can also be helpful when trying to obtain hidden video.

Maybe the best aspect of this app is you’ll have your iPhone with you all the time. The investigator no longer has to carry another device to obtain hidden video. Plus, the quality of video and the reliability of the hidden cams most insurance investigators use to obtain hidden video make this app a very welcoming addition to our bag of tricks.

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  1. $29.99? No, I don’t think so. The app I use for time stamping iPhone pictures was 99 cents. Hopefully the con artist behind this one doesn’t sell too many copies.

  2. I know, still way overpriced.

  3. After searching and googling and searching and googling, I thank you for sharing your find. Works a treat!

  4. What was the name of the 99 cent app?

  5. justin mccullough

    i found the same app for 4.99 whats up with that

  6. Thomas Esteves

    Thanks for a great App. I work for one of the largest nationwide firm and have spread the word; however, some of my colleagues use Android. Do you have an Android App?


  7. Downloaded the app; so rockstar! I am an insurance PI in Vegas and its fantastic for covert! This is wayyy better than the key chain cam I used to use. Thanks for lowering the price to $4.99! I hope updates for this come soon… I would like to see a zoom, if possible. Also, if I tilt the iPhone sideways or in another direction, the video comes out in that direction… I love this!

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