Top Private Investigator Blogs – ICORP Investigations ranked #11

January 31, 2012  |  by PInow Staff  |

With changing legislation, licensing, laws and crazy stories there’s a lot for investigators to keep up with. Many investigators use blogs to share their experiences, provide updates and reviews on products and to discuss experiences with databases. A blog is also a great way to market your business, connect with potential clients and become a leader in your industry. There’s a wide array of investigations blogs out there, and since maintaining a blog is no easy feat PInow decided to compile a list of the top investigation blogs.

There was no specific, formulaic ranking used when creating the list, but we did take into account industry relevancy, consistency and recency of posts, variety of content and professionalism. Please keep this in mind if you disagree with the rankings.

There’s a pretty big variety on the list this year. Some range from strictly informational to play-by-play recaps of investigations and interviews. Others focus on paranormal investigations while some discuss products and recent legal developments. If you have an investigation blog that’s not featured, please contact us to be considered for our “Up and Coming” list.

Top Private Investigator Blogs

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  1. The investigators should be update their skills always. Because all the time new verities of crimes take place.

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  2. Private investigator is constantly on the evolve and adapt to the modifying landscape by which his/her services are expected.

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