Cheating Spouse Investigations

We know you have questions. Take the first step to get the peace of mind you deserve. Call (212) 572-4823 to speak with a NY private investigator. We specialize in cheating spouse, family law and insurance investigations.

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  1. If you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating, hire an expert cheating spouse investigator. Some of these common signs of cheating in your partner are:

    * Seems distant or disconnected and/or sexually disinterested
    * Lies more frequently
    * Goes out more frequently than usual, and more often without me
    * Keeps a close watch on their cellular phone and/ or appears to delete text and voice messages frequently
    * Has whereabouts you cannot account for at times
    * Takes more time than expected to return home from work or when going out
    * Makes unusual purchases, or you have found receipts from locations or times where you were not together
    * Has made recent changes to their appearance or exercise habits (e.g., haircut, clothes, going to the gym more often)
    * Receives calls or text messages from strange numbers or people you don’t recognize
    * Behaves defensively when asked about their whereabouts or behavior
    * Uses the computer or Internet more frequently or secretly.

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