Private Investigator TV Reality Show!

Icorp Investigations, John L. Egan & Steven Santarpia, have joined up with Ed Sheehan, commercial director, to produce ” A Step Ahead”. A show that documents Steven and John’s investigative charity work for parents of troubled teens who feel A Step Behind. We will document their teenager’s behavior using top of the line surveillance equipment and techniques.

The pilot will be shot in the next few weeks. More information to come.

Are you a parent of a troubled teen in the New York and New Jersey and really want to be A Step Ahead? Register here. Information regarding “A Step Ahead” at this website. Someone from the show will respond as quickly as possible.

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  1. Great idea. We need more caring people in this world. Thank you guys !

  2. I have no patience for reality shows, but I can’t hardly wait for this one. I hope I didn’t miss it, did I? I know you’ll make many teenagers really upset, but they will thank you in a couple of decades when they grow up to be productive members of society. Or when they get to tell their parents, “See? Told you I wasn’t doing anything!”

  3. The Real Life Private Investigative Family from the hit show Sex Decoy Love Stings is available to sign a new deal with a new network since the Fox Reality Channel went off the air. That is what happens even to hit shows when an entire network goes off the air. We will all miss Fox Reality and maybe someday Fox Reality will resurface when the economy picks back up. We loved the show and want to keep our brand alive. The public thirsts for our raw investigations.

  4. Excellent Show idea…..Keeping kids out of of trouble…basically saving them from their selves 🙂

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