ICORP Mentioned, OMG National Report

The OMG National Report
February 2009

Welcome to the OMG National Report. We have a unique perspective, marketing our services to small & mid-sized businesses just like yours for nearly 2 decades. Please feel free to ask for a local reference, we’ve got them in every American city… cmon’ test us! Tupelo? Yup. Omaha? Uh huh. Kansas City? You Betcha! Not to brag, but we’ve covered this great land and would love to help your business next, how can we help you? A five minute consultation can help us identify some key deficiencies which may be looming in your current plan. We can help you fortify your business with intelligent and cost effective strategies that are paying dividends for our current clients. From Video to Web to On-Hold Marketing, we are ready to help your company achieve a higher level.

I-Corp Improves Web Presence

I-Corp Investigations, a leading New York City private investigation firm has just approved its YouTube SpokesPerson video. This image based corporate video will become I-Corp’s first video on its’ own YouTube channel & throughout a greater video distribution pipeline. I-Corp’s Vice President, Steven Santarpia realizes the value that video has in an overall search strategy. using a well designed site, complete with blogging, properly formatted pages, backlinks & tags, the I-Corp site has become one of the leading PI sites in the tri state area. Using these 2.0 techniques is helping I-Corp build its core business picking up new clients in innovative and cost effective ways.

Regarding the work performed by OMG National’s professional staff, Steven had this to say; “ICORP is more than pleased with the decision in choosing OMG National to direct and produce our VidMercial. The VidMercial provided an excellent way for ICORP to showcase how our services and professionalism are presented to the world. We considered the service and attention to detail to our VidMercial to be exceptional. We would not hesitate to use them again.”

– And the feeling is mutual, we look forward to helping ICORP build on its forward thinking marketing plan for years to come!

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